Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy

The leading private work-life trainer in Finland and a training organization focused on the development of future skills.

The leading private work-life trainer in Finland

MIF is a training provider which helps organisations to succeed through developing people. We work with clients in the areas of Leadership development, Process Development, HR management, Specialist & Expert Development. Our approach is to find the best possible trainer and expert resources and match them with our client’s organisational development needs.

We also provide vocational degrees in 13 different areas of study. We provide certifications on coaching, leadership assessments and work supervision. Most of our projects are tied up with an actual organisational development need. Our market position with our products is in area of ensuring implementation.

Services are developed under the trusted training brands of Fintra, Infor, JTO and MIF


We cover all aspects of international business from the first stage of foreign trade to the management of multicultural virtual teams. Our focus areas are training for international growth, improved profitability and smooth running.

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Infor provides suitable training for the entire work community from assistants to executives, without forgetting communication professionals. With passion and solid experience, we train you to be an incomparable influencer.

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JTO helps you find the right ways to enhance leadership, management, self-development and identify sources of business growth. We will train you how to develop your business, commit your staff and focus on the essentials of LEAN thinking.

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MIF Qualifications

Students can complete further and specialist vocational qualifications as competence-based qualifications, independent of how they have acquired the necessary skills. Further and specialist vocational qualifications meet the European Qualifications Framework EQF levels 4 and 5.

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MIF Financial

MIF Financial is a novel approach to training financial specialists. Our online learning solutions provide a state-of-the-art approach to keeping your financial knowledge and skills up-to-date. Our supported e-learning solutions will include advanced insights from accounting to mergers and acquisitions.

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MIF Financial

Training Areas

  • Inspiring supervisor work
  • Impressive communication
  • Effective leadership
  • Valuable expertise
  • Strengthening human resources
  • Convincing qualifications
  • Successful international activities
  • Effective work
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