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Soprano Oyj

Soprano is a Finnish Nasdaq OMX listed company. The stock symbol is SOPRA. 

Soprano Plc is a service business development company. We focus on industries, where regulation is about to change and business arrangements are likely. In particular, we are interested in businesses where significant value can be achieved through digitalization.

NASDAQ Helsinki listed Soprano stock offers an investor a liquid, transparent opportunity to invest in growing Nordic service businesses.

Soprano has become the leading Nordic training company. Training business is on the edge of digitalization, taking a step into cloud and industrial arrangements have begun. Our aim is to be the most desirable partner for our customers in competence development. We offer our customers the most suitable trainings, eligible coaches and modern learning environments.

Our experts are at your service in Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Stockholm, Gothenburg and St. Petersburg. Our extensive international network covers tens of countries and we are able to serve our customers virtually across the globe.


Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy,,,,

Tieturi Oy Group and it’s affiliated company Informator Utbildning Sverige Ab,,

Associated companies:

Ambientia E-commerce Oy,

Brain Alliance Oy ,

Soprano Plc Board of Directors:

Harri Koponen, Chairman of the Board
Antti Palola
Kirsti Lonka
Jorma Turunen
Aleksi Randell
Pauliina Lautanen-Nissi
Arto Tenhunen
Secretary of the Board is attorney Mika Taberman, Eversheds Oy

Auditing services are provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy by Authorised Public Accountant Tuomas Honkamäki. 

Soprano Plc Management group:
Arto Tenhunen, Chairman
Panu Kauppinen Financial Director